Domino's Pizza Hero. Rise through the pizza making ranks

Knead, sauce and cheese your way to the top of the pizza ranks while making perfect pizzas under pressure. And if you happen to get hungry along the way, order a pizza.

Available on the App Store

Performs best on iPad2®

Rise Through the Pizza Making Ranks and Become a Pizza Hero

  • Learn how
  • Learn how to make pizzas by hand like Domino's at Pizza Prep School
  • Play 11 levels
  • Knead dough, spread sauce, sprinkle cheese, place toppings, cut slices, and pop bubbles in II fast paced levels.
  • The Rush
  • How long can you survive the never-ending flow of orders on the busiest night of the year? Find out in the final level, The Rush.
  1. Make any pizza you want and order it
  2. Stretch the dough into a perfect circle.
  3. Spread the sauce using a circular motion.
  4. Sprinkle the cheese by tapping your fingers on the sauce.
  5. Tap a bin to add a topping.
  6. Finish it and order.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I Make a Pizza and Order It? Definitely. Pizza Hero is a game, but you can also make your own pizza and order from Dominos. Just click MAKE AN ORDER on the Pizza Hero home screen.
    • What Is My Score Based on in Pizza Hero? Your score on each level is determined by the quality rating of the pizzas you make, how quickly you make them and any bonus points or penalties you earn along the way.
    • Does Domino’s Really Make Pizzas by Hand? Yes, we make each of our pizzas by hand. Only we don’t use just one finger like you can in the game.
    • How Do I Earn Achievements and Get on the Leaderboards? To earn achievements and a place on the Pizza Hero Leaderboards, you must be logged into Game Center.
    • Is This the Final Version of the App? Nope. Just like everything at Domino’s, we will also be working to make it even better. Keep an eye out for updates.
    • What Devices Can I Use to Play Pizza Hero? Pizza Hero is compatible with iPad®, and iPad2®, but performs best on iPad2®.

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